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With a mission to assist our clients by way of offering them Integrated Security Solutions to make them safe and secure, Shark a quality supplier of Electronic Security Products, which are designed to satisfy the security requirements of diverse clients with Unrivalled expertise.

To cater to various security needs of our clients, Shark offers a range of electronic security equipment’s which are as follows:

Automated Doors and Barriers :

To regulate the flow of people without compromising on security, a range of automated doors, barriers and road blockers for Entrance Control Solutions are available with Shark.

Baggage Screening :

Shark offers world’s leading brand of advanced, fast, reliable, X-ray, Weapons and Trace Detection systems. The diversified range has solution for Portable, Compact Parcel X-ray For Explosives, Weapons & Narcotics as well as High-Capacity, Hold Baggage X-ray For Explosives, Drugs, Threats & Duty Fraud. A commercial model of Cargo Scanner For Explosives, Weapons, Contraband & Manifest Fraud is also available for large scale use.

Body Scanners :

Shark provides an Ultra-Low dose digital X-ray graphic system that is intended for screening of personnel for the purpose of detection of any dangerous goods, matter, arms & ammunition –including explosive materials-or any other prohibited item hidden in clothing, on and / or inside the body of the investigated person.

Electronic Article Surveillance System :

The Radio Frequency based Electronic Article System acts as a deterrent to shoplifting and pilferage. It consists of two antennas; one of them is a transmitter of radio frequency waves and the other acts as the receiver of the same. The material that has to be prevented is tagged with a Radio Frequency Identification Chip and any unauthorised passage through the Antennas triggers the alarm.

Intruder Alarm System :

We offer a wide range of Intruder Alarm Systems in various sizes, with different types of sensors and accessories ranging from the simplest low cost to the ultra-modern yet simple to use intelligent security alarm systems, for applications ranging from the security of residents, shops, factories, stores, offices and so on.

Identification Cards & Badge Holders :

The photographic identity card is a sleek and elegantly designed plastic card clearly depicting the photograph of the user along with the required information and specifically highlighting emergency instructions, if any. A complete range of badge holders of various types is offered by shark which includes standard card holders, transparent envelope type, colour pull reels etc.

Metal Detectors :

Shark provides a range of Metal Detectors, which are best for surveillance and scanning of all kinds of metallic objects and thereby provides the protection from pilferage, theft, sabotage and terrorism. These detectors are available in various models ranging from Hand Held to Door Frames.

Time Attendance System :

Shark provides a Time Attendance Solution using latest proprietary 500 dpi Optical Scanning technology, taking advantage of next-generation recognition algorithms that ensure on accuracy and set us a step above standard fingerprint technologies available worldwide.

The Timesheet makes sure that the attendance of each employee is registered properly and the working hours are accurately calculated. This solution consists of an external card reader and the Timesheet software. The reports can assist business decision makers to evaluate their overall use of human resource.

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