September 29, 2021 | 4:15 am
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Offering professional security solutions to the education community without compromising critical services.

College and university campuses require a unique set of security and safety solutions that balance individualized needs while staying mindful of costs and budgets.

As the demand for campus public safety services rises under rapidly changing revenue landscapes, it is crucial to find the right security partner with the ability to deliver effective solutions without compromising critical services.

Shark specializes in developing individualized solutions for specific campus environments while providing qualified personnel, budget-minded processes and state-of-the-art technology, including:

Helping you maintain standards required by the Higher Education Act, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and Local and State Regulations.

Security officers who are not only ranked No. 1 in reliability, ethics, speed of response and adherence to rules and procedures, but are also specifically recruited and trained to work in campus environments.

Providing exclusive incident-reporting, video monitoring and risk-mitigation software solutions that enhance security program effectiveness.

Security support services in the form of safety and security surveys and education programs that identify threats and help mitigate risk.

The campus security landscape, with its new requirements, changing regulations and compliance mandates, is creating new and unique challenges for education professionals. Let Shark show you the beneficial solutions that can be uncovered by understanding these unique challenges.

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